Our Story

People always say, “opposites attract.” But they also say, “great minds think alike.” Sheri and Daniel Baemmert think that both statements are true for them. They started Peak Designs in 2004. The goal continues to be about making their client’s life easier by providing friendly service, quality work and meeting deadlines.

Meet the Team

We are here to assist you in creating something fantastic.


Sheri Baemmert

Founder, Owner

Sheri (who likes chocolate) has been designing since 1992, although if you see some of her kindergarten projects you might think her career started much earlier than that even. When she’s not at her desk, you’ll find her teaching wellness classes. See www.baemmert.com for more info.


Dan Baemmert


Daniel (who likes vanilla - hence the opposites attract) has been drawing since he was a kid. His love for nature has steered him towards wildlife drawings. He's also a writer full of creative ideas. Dan is also a fitness enthusist.